Here's a first attempt at creating a twenty-four hour time lapse of the view from my office. I didn't anticipate the glare from the inside lights, and I'd like to do it when both days are sunny. But for now, it's pretty cool.

For those that are interested, there are 2,880 images taken thirty second apart and stitched together. The music is by George Winston, "Tamarack Pines" off his Forest album.

Keeping with the time lapse theme, Google has collected thirty years of satellite images and put them in a player so you can see your corner of the world as it grows. See the west side of Madison and Middleton explode:

Go find your neck of the woods.

Over 17,000 runners and walkers participated in the 2013 Crazylegs Classic. Here's the runner's finish line, from the first finisher to the last. 2,152 images taken 5 seconds apart.

Out for swing time on a (finally!) spring day. (high definition)
Music: Go Outside by Cults

What a summer!

Things have been really, really busy here in the world of RobbyB, which obviously has really slowed down things here. Here's the Cliff's Notes on my year so far:

I'm just about to get on a plane to head home from South Carolina, after helping with the run course for the successful Rev3 Anderson race. Then, it's back to work, and getting ready for 2013! Lots to do and so little time do it.

I just got notified today that volunteer positions for Ironman Wisconsin open Monday, April 2, 2012 at 8 AM. Head on over to then to get signed up. NOTE: Ironman Wisconsin 2012 is not listed yet, but will be once the site is live Monday morning. You can always sign up to volunteer for the Madison Marathon in the meantime on that site.

Or, better yet, there's a race up in Wisconsin Dells that will need your help, too.

Thanks for the help and good luck!

I really want one of these, mainly because it has my name plastered all over it:

HURRY! There's less than seven days left before the submission deadline! Be sure check out all the details on the main post. Then get over to the Facebook page and submit your video. Good luck!

I'm a little late to the party of showing off the new Evotri bike: The Quintana Roo CD0.1. It's been a whole mess of getting the bike frame, moving, then unboxing from the move, schedule conflicts, busy work, busy life, and all of a sudden it was November. But finally, I was able to get over to the sweet confines of SBR Coaching and Rocket Bicycle Studio to see my sweet steed all put together, shiny and new.

The SBR/RBS complex is quite the facility. You walk into an open area where there's stadium seating for not one, but two projectors. Except the seating isn't leather recliners, but rather a dozen linked CompuTrainers. It is really, really sweet. (This winter they're a part of an indoor race series from all over the US and Canada. More Info - PDF) In the back is the bike studio, complete with a GURU dynamic fit unit. And the day I was there, they were going to outfit a room with several TRX devices to offer the pleasurable pain that only TRX users love. The whole place is one block off the Ironman Wisconsin bike course and the infamous Fireman's Park in Verona. In warmer months, they open the doors at 6 A.M. to support all the riders that visit. (And we're working out some things for WIBA, so stay tuned for exciting news there!)

But let's go back to the Quintana Roo...

It was in August when we first got shipment of the CD0.1. (Many, many thanks to HUB Endurance and Quintana Roo for the connections and facilitating the sponsorship. I really look forward to the partnership and know that good things will come of it.) I was in the midst of packing after selling it our house, so the bike got no love. For the team announcement, I slapped the wheels on and set it on my porch for some shots:

So sad without a seat, drive-train, or anything else...

But a new bike will make anyone smile

Then it went back into its box to get moved to my parents' basement. And like Harry Potter, it stayed in the dark depths under stairs until its eleventh birthday - or at least that's what it felt like until I could recover it in October. I immediately took it over to the SBR/RBS studio for some much needed love, along with the old bike that had all of my components on it. Jess had me get on the old steed, which gave her quite the fright. She immediately knew that things were all wrong, wrong, wrong. My angles, reach, and other terminology were all drastically off, but she promised to fix it. She made some notes, and we talked about a few things and turned things over to Pete and the bike shop to build things back up.

It was sometime later that Pete had the QR mostly built so I could get my final measurements before they cut the aerobars and put all the final pieces on. Jess and I talked through positions, seat angle, and the ever-important comfort vs. aerodynamics. We settled on comfort and left options open for a more aero fit when I get in shape. With that, it went back to Pete for the final touches.

So finally, after some life-getting-in-the-way-of-fun issues, we got together again at the studio. Pete did a wonderful job pulling it all together. As soon as I got on, both he and Jess commented on how much better I fit. Jess made a few tweaks to the seat height and angle, and then a final tweak to the aerobar angle, and I was set. I decided to go with a little flash and Pete obliged with red cable housing to offset the black frame and give a little pop. It looks freakin' sweet.

Jess making sure everything fits

Pete tightening everything down

Cockpit close-up

It looks fast just sitting there